Kenyan Rescue Dog: When Solo met Zuri

There has been a new addition to the nomadic family unit.  Mum and Dad came home one day with a strange smelling dog which they said they had rescued from a local garage where the dog had been seen by Mum when she was filling the car with diesel.  Apparently, this dog had wandered across the garage forecourt looking dishevelled and lame and Mum just could not leave it.  I think Mum and Dad had to catch it because I heard it was hiding in the bushes!  Dad the dog rescuer!20190612_140949

I did not see it at first because Mum and Dad put the dog in an outside room but I could smell it.  It was a bit wiffy if I’m honest.  Without any introduction whatsoever, it disappeared for a bit and I heard Mum and Dad say they had to take it to the vets.  I usually like to go to the vets because you get lots of fuss there so I was understandably a bit put out at this intruder getting such attention! 20190613_094626

Little did I know at this stage that the ‘intruder’ would come home!

So welcome Princess Zuri.  Apparently, the word ‘Zuri’ is the Swahili word for good or beautiful.  When Mum and Dad brought her home, I realised straight away that she is a girl!  Oh the humanity! She was very small and skinny, almost emaciated although she didn’t seem to smell as bad any more.  Mum and Dad said all her ticks and fleas had gone now which was a relief to me.  It’s bad enough that there is a GIRL here, but it would have been dreadful if she was a dirty girl with her very own creepy critters.  Mum and Dad said she had had ‘tick fever’ which was why she was at the vets but she is all better now.  She just needs to put on weight now, but I’ve already told Mum and Dad that I am absolutely not sharing my dinner.

I made her welcome by racing around the garden and I did let her kiss me.  20190622_155721Mum said I had to be careful with her because she was a little fragile so I tried not to squash her.  She seemed to like me and I quite like her too.




Mum and Dad say she is staying with us forever which I don’t mind really.  We have fun and we play together.  Its quite cool to have a friend.

We run and run and run, and we roll in the grass together although she does pinch my ball some times.  Her legs are ridiculously long and she leaps around like a gazelle which makes me laugh.  She likes to hang off my ears which I don’t care for very much.  I don’t like it so much when she gets into my bed either but I let her climb in every now and then so we can have a snuggle.  20190708_070218She does have her own bed after all and any ways, she doesn’t fit in mine (those long legs!!).  She some times lets me have some of her dinner, when Mum and Dad aren’t looking.

When she runs around too much, or she bites my ears,  Mum puts her in a cage for 5 minutes time out which I find very funny!  She did not however, and on one occasion she ate her bed just to make it known she didn’t like the cage so much.  She certainly has attitude!

20190625_123957She’s a girl after my own heart and I think we will make a great team.  I envisage lots of adventures for us both and I can’t wait to share such fun, as long as I don’t have to share my dinner.




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