Horse Riding in Kenya: Meet Goldie

In between the adventures that Mr Nomad and I seek out, and in between some voluntary activities within the community, I spend my days riding horses as well as taking the Nomadic Family Unit fur babies for endless walks. Or both - horse riding with the fur babies accompanying us! I had been leasing a... Continue Reading →

Lolldaiga Hills – Part Two

The following day would bring more adventure. We were promised a hike up the hills to view a cave which offered magnificent views of the entire conservancy and perhaps just as spectacular, ancient cave paintings from a by-gone era. We set off reasonably early and as we made our way through the landscape, we passed... Continue Reading →

The Maasai Mara: Migration Day – Part Two

Now I understand why the Great Migration has been described as the 8th wonder of the world. Up to 2 million wildebeest, along with zebra, topi and a small number of Grant's Gazelle undertake the death defying crossing of the mighty Mara river, coming from the south from the Serengeti in Tanzania, moving rhythmically clock... Continue Reading →

The Return: Back to Kenya

I have finally made it back to where I belong. After being evacuated to the UK nearly four months ago while the world was in the midst of a global pandemic, lock down has gradually eased globally and following President Kenyatta's address, borders in Kenya have re-opened with the commencement of international flights taking place... Continue Reading →

UK Road Trip: Part 3 – Richmond Castle, Richmond falls and Easby Abbey

The road trip had seen me roaming through Teesside and it eventually took me to Richmond, North Yorkshire to pay a visit to the Nomadic Family Unit grandparents.  I had not seen Grandma and Grandpa Nomad for almost a year so as lock down had lifted, a visit to them was well over due.  In... Continue Reading →

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