Hound Solo

Woof!  woof woof woof.  Woof, Grr, woof!


Kalimera!  My name is Hound Solo (Solo for short – or when my Dad is telling me off) and I was born in Cyprus.  I was once part of a hunting family, before they decided to shoot me! After getting well again, I was adopted by my awesome parents and left Cyprus for the UK! It’s bloody freezing there!

After a couple of happy years in the North East of England (with a few road trips to the South), Dad got a new job and I find myself in Africa of all places!  I look forward to telling you about my adventures over here, if I can ever get my Dad off the computer!

Likes;     Cardboard, Curtains, Sleeping, Long Walks, Frisbee

Dislikes;     Showers, Cats, Goats, Thunder, Snowmen




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