The Seychelles – Part Two

We left the luxurious Le Bonheur Villa on Mahe Island and took a ferry across to the second largest island of the Seychelles, known as Praslin.  The ferry ride itself was relaxing and took around an hour, gliding over the glassy Indian Ocean allowing us to observe the numerous other islands making up the Republic... Continue Reading →

The Seychelles – Part One

Mr Nomad had been working so hard that we felt a holiday was in order.  My riding activities had been severely curtailed with the relentless rainy season so we booked an escape to the Seychelles.  We had seen the most remarkable pictures of beautiful beaches with pristine white sand and clear turquoise sea and the... Continue Reading →

Sanctuary Farm

Our latest mini-adventure took us to the beautiful location of Sanctuary Farm which can be found at Lake Naivasha in Kenya.  Sanctuary Farm can be found not far from Camp Carnelley's at Lake Naivasha where we have previously stayed but this time, our visit to Sanctuary Farm coincided with a horse show.  Mr Nomad and... Continue Reading →

The Giraffe Sanctuary

When in Nairobi, a visit to the giraffe sanctuary is an absolute must.  The Giraffe Centre was founded in 1979 and has become home to numerous Rothschild Giraffe, a subspecies found only in the grasslands of East Africa, mostly Uganda and Kenya.  The Rothschild Giraffe is one of the most endangered distinct populations of giraffe... Continue Reading →

Mount Kenya Horse Show

After many happy months of riding Miriam (a.k.a Charlie), the opportunity had arisen to compete.  Time had been spent exercising her and keeping her fit, with plenty of schooling both on the flat and over jumps, and we therefore entered the Mount Kenya Horse Show to be held at Timau Sports Club in Timau, some... Continue Reading →

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