Pre and Post Christmas Safari’s – Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Mr Nomad and I are avid supporters of our local community and in order to show such support, we visited our all time favourite, Ol Pejeta Conservancy. This conservancy is literally on our door step, only around 15 minutes drive away and its abundance of wild life over 90,000 acres of vast rolling plains never... Continue Reading →

Soysambu Conservancy: Horsing Around

Our last adventure of 2020 took us to Soysambu Conservancy and the very purpose of this was actually a horse show. It was to be my first competition on the horse Goldie. It was also to be Goldie's first competition. Whilst horsing around is not normally Mr Nomad's thing, he is an amazing support to... Continue Reading →

Road Trip- Part Three – In Memoria

The second day of remembrance took us to Maktau Indian memorial Cemetery. This cemetery contains Indian soldiers who were killed when General Mallison was ambushed by the Germans. It was originally a British war cemetery but in 1922, those British graves were re-interned at Voi. There are 16 graves, 1 of which was unidentified. Maktau... Continue Reading →

Road Trip – Part Two – Commemoration

Whilst we had enjoyed the epic drive to the Tsavo, and our accommodation at Salt Lick Lodge was outstanding, our concentration shifted to the actual purpose of our journey and after a leisurely morning, we rendezvoused at Tsavo House in Voi for lunch and a briefing of the events to follow. James G Wilson We... Continue Reading →

Road Trip – Part One – Remembrance

The Nomadic Family Unit (less the two furry children) were invited to attend remembrance ceremonies in Kenya, to commemorate the fallen from the First World War. The end of the First World War in Africa came a couple of weeks after the British day of remembrance so we embarked upon an epic road trip to... Continue Reading →

A Shift in Pace: Diani Beach

Following on from the intensity of safari, Mr Nomad and I sought a different type of adventure and this next journey took us to the magnificent coast of Kenya, the glorious Diani beach. The gentle waves of the Indian ocean lap against the glistening white sand which can be found some 30 kilometres from Mombasa,... Continue Reading →

Elephant Bedroom: Paradise in Samburu

Following our stay at Lolldaiga Hills, we ventured to Samburu Game Reserve for more excitement. Samburu is a county found some 345 kilometres from Nairobi and is around 165 square kilometres in size. It is arid to semi-arid so the climate is wholly different to that found in Nanyuki or even Lolldaiga's. It was scorching... Continue Reading →

Engaging with the Community: Doing my Bit

Since my return to Kenya, in between the adventures that Mr Nomad and I have found ourselves on, I have volunteered my services with a small group of ladies to engage within the community and we all embarked upon a project to deep clean and paint classrooms in a local school. So we attended at... Continue Reading →

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