UK Road Trip: Part 3 – Richmond Castle, Richmond falls and Easby Abbey

The road trip had seen me roaming through Teesside and it eventually took me to Richmond, North Yorkshire to pay a visit to the Nomadic Family Unit grandparents.  I had not seen Grandma and Grandpa Nomad for almost a year so as lock down had lifted, a visit to them was well over due.  In... Continue Reading →

UK Road Trip: Part 2 – Middlesbrough, Redcar and some horse riding

Once settled in my accommodation, I embarked upon a trip to Middlesbrough.  I was keen to visit a well known high street store selling clothes to freshen my wardrobe, and to purchase items suitable for my return to Kenya.  With the lock down easing, non-essential shops were re-opening and along with the rest of the... Continue Reading →

Scavenger Hunt

Whilst in lock down and still in unfamiliar surroundings, a scavenger hunt was organised for us evacuees to provide a morning of entertainment.  I found this challenge incredibly appealing given that I have taken to rambling around the countryside, and the hunt for treasure at least gave me some purpose. I was permitted to do... Continue Reading →

Exploration: Stonehenge and the English Countryside

After being evacuated from Kenya, I have found myself placed in the South West of England, more specifically the garrison town of Larkhill.  I have never spent much time in the South of England so this is a whole new adventure for me.  Larkhill can be found in the civil parish of Durrington in Wiltshire. ... Continue Reading →

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