Rescue dog in Kenya: Princess Escapades

The whirlwind of life continues in the household of the Nomadic Family Unit although there have been some changes of late.  Solo and I have continued to enjoy some brilliant walkies.  The rains have arrived and I do love a puddle!  Solo is not so keen on getting his feet wet but I love it!... Continue Reading →

Safari adventures: Taking Richie to Samburu National Reserve

Following our epic adventures in Ol Pejeta, Mr Nomad and I felt that a visit to Samburu was in order for our friend, Richie. We love Samburu and it brings a different safari to Ol Pejeta, but usually just as amazing. The terrain is much more desert like, being semi arid and the temperature is... Continue Reading →

Safari adventures: When Richie came to Stay

Some weeks ago, prior to the apocalypse that we find ourselves in now, Mr Nomad's old friend, Richie came to visit.  He is originally from the UK but now lives in Australia and had been making numerous trips world wide, so we were lucky that Richie felt the urge to visit Kenya to discover for... Continue Reading →

African Conservation: The Great Grevy’s Rally

On 25th and 26th January 2020, Mr Nomad and I had the privilege of being able to take part in the Great Grevy's Rally (GGR).  This was a two day photographic census to monitor the status and health of the endangered and iconic Grevy's zebra, found only in Northern Kenya.  We were to gather photographic... Continue Reading →

Safari blog: Nomadic Family Unit Safari’s – Part Three

Following an amazing few days in both Nanyuki, visiting Ol Pejeta and Mount Kenya Animal Orphanage, and in Samburu, visiting the Game Lodge, the Parks Family were shortly to depart from Kenya so we travelled to Nairobi to spend some time there, before they had to embark upon their journey home. Our day in Nairobi... Continue Reading →

Safari blog: Nomadic Family Unit Safari’s – Part Two

After our successful safari around Ol Pejeta, the decision was made to take the Parks clan to another favourite of ours, Samburu. We duly packed up the vehicles and travelled in convoy once more to Samburu National Reserve. After a quick stop for milk shake at Kissima, the journey was relatively uneventful until we entered... Continue Reading →

Safari blog: Nomadic Family Unit Safari’s – Part one

Shortly after Christmas, we had the pleasure of the Parks family descend upon us. Mr Nomad's mother Trish came to visit along with sister Amy and her partner Vit, sister Vicky, sister Becca and her partner Stacey, brother Richard along with his partner Kirsty and their son, our nephew, Oscar. Having missed our family immensely... Continue Reading →

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