Sangare Conservancy

Having enjoyed a wonderful horseback safari through Sangare Conservancy, I have been lucky enough to return there upon invitation to exercise the horses and keep them fit for when they go off to do horseback safari's which usually take place in the Maasai Mara.  Sangare Conservancy is home to Felicia and Gordy Church of Safarisunlimited... Continue Reading →

Climbing Mount Kenya – Day Five

The final day had come.  After the difficult preceding four days climbing the mountain, it was now time to descend the mountain and trek the long way home.  We had spent our final night in Mackinders Valley, near to Shiptons Camp at 4200 metres and we were to follow the valley down through the well... Continue Reading →

Climbing Mount Kenya – Day One

With the commencement of the new year, the day had arrived when Phil and I were to attempt our next challenge....climbing the second highest mountain in Africa, the majestically imposing Mount Kenya.  We had previously had a training day when we trekked up the mountain from the Sirimon Gate but with this climb, we were... Continue Reading →

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