Riding Horses in Kenya: Meet Miriam

My role with exercising the horses at Sangare Conservancy has come to an end now that the horses have gone off on safari so to occupy myself and to continue getting my horse fix, I have leased a horse called Miriam.  20190610_101243She is stabled at friend’s ranch around 20 km’s from Nanyuki, off the Naibor road and nestled within the 58,000 acres of Ol Jogi private reserve.  The landscape is rugged and wild with craggy rock formations, rolling plains and dense bush with stunning views of the glorious Mount Kenya and is home to a vast array of wildlife, including many endangered species.   The mighty Ewaso Nyiro river snakes through the land providing valuable water to the animals and the local community along with providing hours of fun with paddling and swimming.20190604_095729

The ranch itself is private and somewhat secluded and for me, is a haven of peace and tranquillity.  Not only are there horses on the property, but there is a sheep called Veronica and her buddy, Vincent Van Goat along with many dogs and a couple of cats.

Vincent Van Goat


I have the absolute privilege of being able to ride the horse into the country side and have witnessed the wild life up close and personal and this is truly a magical experience on almost a daily basis.  We have had many a quiet amble through the bush, soaking up the sunshine, strolling along side the other animals within the bush, and we have also experienced the exhilaration of the wind in our hair as we gallop along, whizzing past the wild life without a care in the world.  20190523_082644


There are big cats in the area such as lion, cheetah and leopard and whilst I have not come across the cats, there is certainly evidence of them all around us.  This for me, only adds to the sheer thrill of being out in the wilderness.

Leopard Kill in a Tree

Miriam is also known as Charlie (simply because I was not keen on the name Miriam!) and she is a beautiful dark bay thoroughbred type horse with a sweet temperament.  She has ability to burn so I am hoping to shortly make my debut into the competition world in Kenya. When I was back in England, I had a horse which I would compete on and this has been something I have missed greatly.  I am ever hopeful that this horse which I treat as my own will provide the fun and excitement that came with competing as well as continue to treat me to wonderful horseback safaris on a regular basis.


Aside from my aspirations to compete, when riding out into the African bush, we have come across many wild animals such as waterbuck, bush buck, impala, gazelle, zebra, warthog, elephant and giraffe and every time, the horse has behaved impeccably.  She is not fazed by all creatures great and small so makes for marvellous riding!  20190603_084756

I have even managed to get Mr Nomad out on a horse and we have been able to share the experience and the thrill of riding with wild life together, a feat not often managed due to his commitment to work.


Mr Nomad shares my passion for the African country side and the wild life and I’m somewhat hopeful he enjoyed seeing it from a different perspective like on the back of a horse!

Charlie is an amazing horse and is certainly providing me with dreamy days in Kenya.  Long may it continue but watch this space to see whether my desire to compete is misguided…..



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