The Heart of South East Asia: Thailand Treats

Given the distinct lack of Blogs of late, one could be forgiven for thinking that around the adventure of a new property in a new location, there have been no journeys to far off lands but this is not quite true. The onset of spring with its warmth and sunlight brought back memories of a... Continue Reading →

The Fenland Princess Diaries

After relocation from Colchester, the Nomadic Family Unit now find themselves in the Fens. Or the Fenlands. Our forever home can be found in Eastern England so this is a very different area of the country to where Mum and Dad originate from in the North East. It is certainly very different for Hound Solo... Continue Reading →

Our Final Fling in Kenya: Watamu – What can I say?

In a word; Paradise. The warm soupy waves of the Indian ocean gently lapping against the pristine white sandy beaches devoid of any other humans was quite simply, perfection. Mr Nomad and I took a last visit to the coast of Kenya, a pilgrimage for peace before our inevitable exodus and Watamu did not disappoint.... Continue Reading →

Laikipia Wilderness: Another Wonderful Safari

The days for the Nomadic Family Unit in Kenya are fast running out so Mr Nomad and I are attempting to have as many last minute adventures as is possible in our remaining time and a weekend at Laikipia Wilderness was another wonderful example of what Kenya has to offer, and just what we will... Continue Reading →

A Surprise Safari: Aberdare National Park

The delectable Mr Nomad had to my surprise, booked a weekend away to the Aberdare National Park. I do not normally enjoy surprises but who am I to complain about being whisked away for some quiet time with my beloved husband in the most magical of locations? The Aberdare National Park can be found in... Continue Reading →

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