We find ourselves now living in the town of Nanyuki.  It is a rural market town in the county of Laikipia in Kenya.  The south area of Nanyuki lies on the equator. Nanyuki is slightly north west of Mount Kenya, the second largest mountain in Africa which is a magnificent sight to behold. 20180808_164243

The top of the mountain can only be seen on a very clear day, when it is not swathed in clouds but it is truly awesome and climbing this will be a daunting but exhilarating adventure which is most certainly on our list of things to do.  It really is a breath taking landscape to wake up to every day.

The town of Nanyuki is vibrant and colourful albeit basic.  There is an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as other wares to tempt the discernible shopper.  There is a lack of clothes shops but this is not to say that clothes are not available; they are just from the local market place which specialises in selling second hand produce.  Whilst there is a Spar shop, an Argos, and we’ve spotted a Top Shop, these are not the shops that us Brits are used to.  The high street as the Brits may refer to it, is distinctly different but bustling and busy all the same.


















There is so much going on here, and so much to see… we see something new every day.




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