IMG-20180809-WA0000So Phil comes home from work with the announcement that he wants a goat.  Apparently, he could purchase a goat from the local goat market for around Kesh 3000 (Kenyan Shilling).  This is approximately £22.00 so cheap by any stretch of the imagination.  A baby goat could be purchased for the small price of Kesh 1000, he says!! This would be around £7.50, a bargain some would say.  There are goats, sheep, cows and donkeys freely wandering around, carefully tended to by shepherds.  Generally speaking, the Kenyan people seem to take care of their animals and take great pride in them.

20180810_092655It is an absolute joy to wake up most mornings to the sound of goats bleating  outside my window, although I’m not sure this makes me want to have one.



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