Blue Thunder’s Arrival Day

After being in Nanyuki for around two weeks, our car, Blue Thunder finally arrived with us on Sunday 22nd July 2018, after a very long trip on a boat from the UK.  We are very fortunate to now have our own transport to enable us to embark upon our adventures.

20180802_140317Thankfully, we have 4 wheel drive which has already been engaged as some of the roads we have travelled along can hardly be described as roads!

We have not yet got it completely stuck but I’m sure when the long rains come, there will be some driving challenges ahead!


The driving challenges to come also include just driving around the town, trying to avoid squishing pedestrians who amble across the road without a care in the world,  attempting to avoid the crazy Boda Boda drivers and goats… trying to avoid the goats!  There  is the notorious and aptly named ‘Suicide Junction’ to contend with and roads such as ‘Lunatic Lane’ to get to grips with… all challenges accepted!




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