Rescue dog travels: Hound Solo’s Arrival Day

So I went in the car and I like car journeys.  I especially like it when I can sit in the back seat and get hugs off Grandma on the journey… Mum and Dad said I couldn’t get in the boot because it was full20180702_065923.

It was a very exciting car ride.. so exciting that when the car stopped, I had a little accident.  Dad got me out the car to go for a walkie but Mum said it smelled a bit funky and I thought I had got away with my accident until Grandma shouted “he’s s*** on me!”….ooops

We arrived at some place called Heathrow Airport which was also very exciting… new people said hello to me but Mum and Dad put me in a box and Dad said it was because I had ‘sharted’ on Grandma… don’t know what that means…..

IMG-20180702-WA0002It was all a bit confusing and a little scary, but the ladies at Passportforpets were really nice and fussed me loads.  They gave me sweeties and I bunked with them for a couple of days before going into that place called Heathrow Airport… I had to go in that box again..grrrrrr

It seemed like days before I saw Mum and Dad again but on Thursday 5th July 2018, after a very long sleep, I saw them again!

The journey to see them was not so good – I heard Mum and Dad say something about me being on a flat bed truck.. it had been very noisy driving through a place called Nairobi but when I saw Mum and Dad again, I was so relieved and shaking. I needed a wee so bad.  Dad got me out of the box but then I was put back into it to finish the journey to our new home.  We were apparently going to a place called Nanyuki.

After another long drive in a car we arrived at our new home.  I like it. The garden is massive so I can run and run and run… It smells different.  There are strange creatures here that run up the side of the house and really REALLY big birds.  There is lots of sniffing to be done… #can’twaittoexplore!


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