Arrival day

IMG-20180702-WA0005So having left the UK on Monday 2nd July 2018, flying from Heathrow airport, we arrived in Nairobi in the early hours on Tuesday 3rd July 2018.  It was a long and exhausting journey so it was hard to take in our new surroundings.  We then had to embark upon the next leg of our journey to Nanyuki, our new home, some 3 hours drive away.

One thing of note was the traffic –  there appeared to be no real rules on the road and it was carnage trying to drive out of Nairobi.  There are no road markings, no traffic control (such as traffic lights), no street lights and there are no lanes to speak of.  The vehicles on the roads included Boda Boda’s (motorbikes), Motatu’s (minibus taxi’s), very old cars, clapped out lorries and the odd goat and/or cow.  All such vehicles were driven erratically and without any regard at all for other road users.  Few had lights or indicators, or few used lights and indicators!

Phil and I were treated to a trip around the outskirts of Nairobi and we were driven around a roundabout on our outward journey which had been named ‘stinky roundabout.’  The roundabout was just that – stinky.  It was unfortunately inhabited by homeless people who were openly urinating in the street and appeared to be under the influence of unknown substances, along with numerous stray dogs.  The shame was that there were literally hundreds of people occupying this roundabout – the streets in this part of town were bustling with life but most certainly not the life I had been used to!  I have to admit to wondering what I had got myself into!

Having successfully manoeuvred our way out of Nairobi, we were on the road to Nanyuki.  Unfortunately, the journey had taken its toll and I slept for most of this road trip.  I look forward to re-visiting Nairobi in the future to see what this capital city holds.



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