Rescue dog in Kenya: Princess Escapades

The whirlwind of life continues in the household of the Nomadic Family Unit although there have been some changes of late.  Solo and I have continued to enjoy some brilliant walkies.  The rains have arrived and I do love a puddle!  Solo is not so keen on getting his feet wet but I love it! I like nothing more than to wallow in the water, and to put my face in it and slurp it up.  20191129_105309Its nearly as good as digging.  We realised the rains were coming because it has been blisteringly hot in the mornings, and then the torrential rains come in the afternoon.

On one of our many morning walks, it was so hot that Solo simply gave up, refused to go any further and had a lie down in the grass to cool his podgy belly no doubt.  20200402_104821

Mum got us moving again after a little persuasion (involving treats) but only a minute or so later, we both had to have a little lie down!  It has been scorchio.  This makes for awesome sun bathing but its not so good when Mummy insists on taking us jogging!  Not so much fun then.  I think Solo lying down was more of a strike so like a good sister, I helped in his plight until Mummy agreed to take us home.20200402_105754

So Mum and Dad have been talking about this thing called Corona virus and I don’t know who this is but Mummy mentioned having to go away because of this.  The word ‘evacuation’ has been used but I don’t understand this.  So Mum and Dad had to pack up our stuff in boxes and these big boxes are everywhere around the house.  Its most unsettling.  Dad says they will be taken away and put into storage but I just don’t understand this.  Its all very confusing.   20200329_114900

Dad says he will stay with me and Solo but Mum is to go away to a place known as ‘the UK’ wherever this strange land may be.  When they were packing things away, Mum found something called the Outfit of Shame and for whatever reason, Mum put this on me.  I thought I’d been a good girl and the bird I’d recently caught I did give to Daddy when he asked me so I don’t know why they put it on me.  I didn’t eat the bird, although I wanted to.  They seemed to think that putting the outfit on me was hilarious, but I don’t like wearing clothes and I tolerated it for a minute or so until Solo sniggered at me.  Then I wriggled it off. Oh the humanity!20200402_145534

Mum and Dad had a barbecue which is always good fun and I get loads of food like burgers and sausages and if I’m lucky, I can snatch the odd bit of steak.  Yummy! Although the humans stood away from each other, they fussed me loads and also, a new playmate came to see us called Tokalosh.  She is beautiful! She is a Great Dane cross Mastiff and she is going to be a BIG girl but she’s still only a baby.  20200416_204248

We played and played and played and it was quite funny when she tried to eat a lemon.  Solo tried to help with this too, but soon realised that lemon is not very nice at all.  20200416_204335

The barbeque was apparently a goodbye to folk but I wasn’t sure what this meant so I just played with Tok.  I wasn’t keen on letting Solo play with us so Tok and I ran and ran and ran around the garden which was great fun!  It was wonderful to have somebody to play with.  Solo is always far too busy sniffing bushes, and chasing lizards or eating, and he refuses point blank to help me with the hole digging so he has become quite boring.  It was quite exhausting to entertain Tok and we slept well for days after this excitement.

So to help with the ‘going away’ thing, I have been digging more holes around the garden.  I’m not sure exactly how this helps but its good fun any way.  Mum kept trying to fill the holes in but this has encouraged me even more.  The gardener, Benson has given up attempting to fill in my holes so he leaves my work intact which pleases me no end!20200323_10053420200310_153900

Solo has continued to maintain security and has rummaged through the bushes on a regular basis not only to hunt lizards, but just to check that our perimeter is secure. I have refrained from going into the neighbours property so as not to distract Solo in his work, but also because Mum and Dad said we must ‘socially distance’ ourselves, whatever that means.  Mum and Dad have already been doing this for some years apparently!

And then it happened.  Solo and I had been fast asleep.  I was dreaming of birds and Solo was snoring his head off in his usual coma, and in the dead of the night, when it was still very dark and my eyes were a little squiffy, Mum and Dad crept out of the house with big suitcases in tow.  I think Solo and I were given fuss but I was half asleep and didn’t take much notice, and Solo was busily munching on some treats.  I’m sure I heard a whisper of goodbye, but then just like that, Mummy vanished.  Disappeared.  Gone.



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