Rescue dog adventures: The Princess Diaries

Life has been a whirlwind of fun fun fun since I joined the Nomadic Family Unit.  So much has happened and every day is an adventure.  Mum and Dad give me loads of food and love and hugs and I’m able to continue my favourites pastimes of eating ( birds) and digging.  I love love love my new brother from another mother, Hound Solo, and we have loads of fun all the time.  We walk and run together and he lets me sleep in his bed, and I get to pull his ears some times too.  I’m not sure he likes it that much but I do!

Daddy sometimes goes away and I miss him, especially so when Mummy takes me to the doctors and they stick needles in me!  20200203_110207Mum said I needed a blood test and I did not like this one bit.

When Daddy came home, I showed him how much I missed him by licking his face, and helping him to unpack his bags.  20200210_150452


I had to go back to the doctors however as I ate a bird which was very crunchy but yummy and I managed to get a stick (or maybe part of a bird leg) stuck in my mouth which hurt a lot.

20200210_161126Mum had tried to help but was retching so bad.  This was very funny until Dad said it was wedged in the roof of my mouth and I wriggled too much for him to get it out.  This trip to the doctor’s was not so bad as I had a nice sleep and when I felt awake again, my mouth didn’t hurt so much and Dad said my breath wasn’t so stinky.  Such fun!20200210_161139

So much as I love my new home, I’ve enjoyed my many digs around the garden and I even tunnelled under the hedge to have a mooch around in our neighbours property.  Solo joined me in this escapade but gave away our position with his incessant barking!  Mum came to rescue me because Solo snuck back home when Mum whistled us to come.  He is such a Mummy’s boy! I decided to hang out next door a bit longer which Mum was not amused with. It was great to explore though!  20200216_125136

Some of my other holes have not yet revealed anything as exciting as this however but I continue to dig, just for the fun of it.  I’ve continued in my quest to catch birds although the last one I caught I gave to Mum when she offered me a biscuit instead.  She was still making that retching noise though….20200127_085708

We have had many great walks.  I love walkies.  Mum and Dad put me on this long lead thingy so I can’t run away but I don’t want to leave them any ways.  Recently, Mum and Dad went to stay in a nice hotel place and me and Solo went too which was fun fun fun, even though I managed to pull the TV off the shelf onto the floor.. it made a very loud bang and for whatever reason, Mum and Dad were not impressed with my efforts to make myself at home.  20200219_130102


Mum walked us in the new place which was fun, until a donkey ambled towards us!  This was slightly terrifying and Solo barked and barked and saved us by scaring it away.  He’s such a hero.  20200219_090428

We also went over to Mum and Dad’s friends house in the African bush and we went out running with some very big animals.  Mum and Dad said we were ‘horse riding’ but Solo and I were most definitely not, but we trotted along with them through the African bush while Mum and Dad rode the big things.  20200307_093819This was fun fun fun as I got to see Hector again, and Ace, Teaser and Tazzy.  There was also a new friend, Spinach who I really liked a LOT.




We played and played and played, and rolled in the mud together.  I was exhausted after this epic walk though and Solo and I were glad to get home where we slept for what felt like 3 days after.  All digging went on hold so I could catch up on my beauty sleep.  Such fun!




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