Kenyan dog adventures: When Zuri met Solo

Jambo!  I am Zuri…..Princess Zuri to be precise.  What a journey I have been on! I was living rough, wandering the streets but now things have changed.  I was all by myself, all alone, lonely and unloved, unwashed and unclean.  I can’t recall how I came to be by myself as this is something I have blocked out but lets say it was most unpleasant.  My back leg hurt so much and I couldn’t weight bear, I was always cold and I could feel the parasites crawling over me. I just couldn’t stay clean and I looked grubby, and I was so hungry.   I became weaker and weaker, my bones poking out of my dank fur and I was fading away but one night, a man and a woman came to get me.  I had been sleeping in the grass, trying to preserve what little strength I had but the man came with some yummy food and I just couldn’t run any longer.  I had no energy, and no fight in me.  He swept me up and bundled me into a strange moving box on wheels and took me to a place of shelter.  It was utterly bewildering but I was given a blanket and some food and water.  I was so scared but at least nobody could get to me any more.  The day after this very strange event, I was taken to another place called The Vet where I was put into another cage but again, I had a blanket and food and water.

I was so very scared and worried and I didn’t feel well at all but slowly, over the following days, I started to feel better.  20190613_093642Although The Vet poked and prodded me a little, I knew I needed help and after I was given some nasty medicine, the feelings of nausea began to subside, and I began to feel stronger and stronger.  I was even able to use my poorly back leg again.

Then the man and woman that had captured me came back.  I wasn’t sure that I would see them again so I was overjoyed at their friendly faces.  Although I didn’t understand why they had rescued me, they had been so nice and I just knew that they would love me.  The creepy crawlies had disappeared off me and I had no other parasites so I was released from The Vet and I went home with my new Mum and Dad.  I loved them instantly.  They had saved me! 20190622_155058

My new home was confusing to start with because it was very big with walls, a roof, different rooms and doors so although I was no longer able to roam around, I felt totally safe.  I was no longer lost, constantly looking for some sort of morsel and being shunned and rejected by those around me.  I had a comfy bed and I was given food and water all the time!  Dad washed me which was not that nice really but at least I was clean and I didn’t itch any more.  I also acquired a new friend.  He is very handsome and he is called Hound Solo.

It was a bit overwhelming when I first met him because he bounded over to me and sniffed me incessantly but he was so friendly and lovely.  20190622_155613He licked me and after I decided that I liked him and that he clearly meant me no harm, he let me kiss him.  We ran around the garden together and he was most welcoming.  It was a bit strange at first, to have another dog not attack me but he was so happy I realised that my new Mum and Dad were nice people and I knew I could also be happy.  They certainly hugged me a lot.  Solo also hugs me from time to time.  I am not too sure about this but it doesn’t hurt me so I don’t mind so much.


Since I arrived in this new place, I have had plenty of food and I no longer have to scavenge so I have grown.  My bones are now hidden by a good covering of soft fur, and my legs are long and slender, like a gazelle and I am now taller than Solo.  I can hang off his ears which I’m not sure he is keen on, and I can run faster than him!  I’m not sure he is keen on that either, but when we go out into the great outdoors, I let him lead the way.   He will not share any dinner EVER and he gets a little touchy when I try to get in bed with him, but  he lets me hold his hand when we lie on the sofa.

My new parents take us out of the house every day although some times it is on a long rope. 20190808_090851 I didn’t understand this at first because I was used to doing my own thing, going where I wanted to, when I wanted to, but I understand now that it is to keep me safe.  I can’t wander off, not that I would want to.  I don’t ever want to get lost again.  We still get to go to places where I can be free of the rope to run and run, but I don’t wander too far from Mum and Dad, or from Solo. 20190808_093146




There is a huge garden to run around in and I have entertained myself by digging holes and rolling around in the flower beds.  Solo usually joins me in this activity and whilst Mum doesn’t like us doing this, we do things together so that she’s not sure which one of us was responsible.  After all, we are in it together now and forever…. our nomadic family unit.





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