A Rescue Dog in Kenya: New places, new people…

Since arriving in Nanyuki, life has settled down.  I have got used to the big garden although I have still been unsuccessful in catching those big birds which land on the lawn.  I go out walking with Mum and Dad and our new street is beautiful.

20180913_110943There are colourful flowers and plenty of greenery, with chattering birds in the hedgerows.  Mum says this is in contrast to the dusty dirt tracks to be found only 5 minutes drive from our house.  There is very little traffic other than goats, sheep and cows! Dad wants a goat but they smell funny….20180809_154314

I have made some new friends here and particularly enjoy the company of the little goat herders who seem fascinated by me.  They help Dad to take me walking and they fuss me and fuss me and fuss me.  IMG-20180906-WA0012I also love Benson who tries to tend to the garden despite my best attempts to roll in the flowers.


Mum and Dad got very excited most recently when numerous boxes arrived.  I helped unload the boxes by jumping into the back of the removal lorry and I sniffed and sniffed and sniffed them and it became apparent to me that my bed had arrived.   This is great.. …Nanyuki now feels like home.  20180831_162024

I’ve been out in Blue Thunder and I’m starting to see that the countryside here is different to home but its all so exciting.    Aside from the vibrancy of our street, I have seen brown mud tracks and dust… there is a lot of dust but then its very hot and dry here.  Mum and Dad tell me of the vast plains and grassy savannah and I long for the day when I can run freely through the grass…. although Mum and Dad have talked about lions, whatever they are.

I love how free I feel here…..20180913_111721



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