Doggie Dayz

So we went to our friend’s ranch in the African bush again, to be found on Ol Jogi land.  This time however, the girl dog came too (Princess Zuri).  I had told her that there were other dogs there to play with and that there was lots of running around to be done.  I have to say that she made the most of our freedom and lack of leads and she went slightly crazy!  We met our friends; Ace and Teaser, the two German Shepherds, and then the golden dog Hector and the grumpy dog Tazzy.  20191019_123418I have to say that Tazzy has now decided that she does like me after all and she was much more friendly.  I quite like her too.  I like all of our friends.  Everybody loved the crazy girl dog, Zuri.20191019_123630

When we arrived with Mum and Dad in tow, I ran round and round the garden and sniffed and sniffed and sniffed, just to make sure it was all safe for us.  I also checked out the house where we were to stay that night.  20191019_123813

Ace and Teaser joined me from time to time, and Tazzy just sat and stared but Hector fell in love with Princess Zuri.  They played and played and played.  They rolled in the grass together, and galloped around the garden.  They jumped on each other which was amusing given that Hector is so much bigger than Zuri and she got squished on more than one occasion.  I left them to it as I was far too busy securing the perimeter.20191019_130036(0)20191019_123545






We all took a walk through the compound and Mum and Dad took us down to a river – the mighty Ewaso Ngiri river, quite swollen from recent rain fall.  It was a gloriously hot sunny day and although Ace, Teaser, Hector and Tazzy bounded enthusiastically into the river for a swim, Zuri and I watched from the shore.  I am not a fan of getting my feet wet.  20191019_130110

I don’t know if the girl dog can swim but she didn’t go into the river with the big dogs.  It was really good fun though, and a great way to cool down in the relentless baking heat.  I met a new friend on the way back to the garden.  A magnificent leopard tortoise!  He was a strange fellow but undaunted when I sniffed him.75362264_10162628864965531_1594612002842476544_o

We also ventured into the stable yard.  This was great!  There are other creatures there including a big animal which Mum was riding.  I trotted around after her for a bit to make sure she was ok and this was fun.  IMG-20191102-WA0002


There was also Vincent Van Goat who was as charming and weird as ever, and there was also Veronica the sheep who smells a bit strange, so I avoided her.  Whilst we were watching Mum ride the big thing, it rained lots which I am not too keen on.  20191005_093450

Princess Zuri loved it and lolloped back and forth through the gigantic muddy puddles.  This resulted in us being hosed down which I was not overly happy about, but I did enjoy the towel rub after!



We had a lovely steak dinner and settled down for the evening.  I was allowed on the sofa and after eating plenty, our parents drinking plenty, we spent the night in comfort and tranquillity under the stars in the amazing African countryside, with the company of our best friends.  We will return…….




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