Hound Solo’s Big Night(s) Out

Mum and Dad got invited to a barbeque at a friends ranch out in the African bush and I was allowed to go too!  Mum and Dad were going to stay overnight and I bunked with them.  It was great!  When we got there, there were loads of people who I had never met before but it was amazing… so many new smells and I sniffed and sniffed and sniffed!  The garden was huge so I was able to run around which I did… lots. And I made new friends…those people had brought their dogs so there were new dogs to meet and greet.  IMG-20190413-WA0000

I met Ace and Teaser, two beautiful German Shepherd dogs.

Ace and Teaser

They were friendly enough and very hairy.



I met Hector – a golden dog with no particular breeding and like me, a street dog.


I met Diesel, a black Labrador who was a lovely gentleman and I met Tazzy.  She is a black dog with white paws and she did not like me one bit.  I tried to be her friend but she just wasn’t keen on me and snapped at me.  How rude.




It was a confusing time until I met Dipstick, a little Dachshund who proved to be my new best friend.  He was much smaller than me but kept trying to hug me which was entertaining.  I would have hugged him back but I thought I might squash him.  Unfortunately, Mum and Dad didn’t get many pictures of my new friends but I had a great night playing with Dipstick and I even snuck a little bit of steak off the barbeque.  Awesome! Then I was able to sleep on a bed with Dad.  Mum was tucked up into a separate bed by Dad who said she had had too much gin, whatever that meant.  What a fun night!  There were new friends made and as the ranch is secreted away in dense African bush, there were new sights and sounds and smells….. there were other animals visiting the ranch too, curious as to the epic party taking place.  20190424_114701

It was however, exhausting to be such a party animal and it took me a few days after to catch up on my sleep.20190515_155725




After the excitement of the party, I then got to have a sleep over with Tag!  My all time best friend!  Mum took me in the car and I was so excited to see Tag I soon forgot Mum and Dad and did not miss them one bit.  Tag and I cried with joy upon seeing each other!

received_421173628711634Tag and I had such fun… running around the garden, guarding the neighbourhood, and Tag even let me kiss his Dad!  I’m sure he loved it!  received_486725412155262

Tag let me play with his toys and I was able to rip one up which I was not keen on.  I’m not sure I was meant to, but I did it any way.

Sorry Jeremy

I was made welcome by Tag in his home and I jumped onto their sofa, and Tag even let me get up onto his Mum and Dad’s bed which was great.  He’s so accommodating.  received_695444194230997

I only stayed with Tag for one night so Dad came to collect me the following day.  I had had so much fun I decided to run down the street away from Dad just to show him what fun I had!  I’m not sure Dad was impressed but I eventually got into the car and went home.  I miss Tag though and can’t wait until I see him again.   This socialising malarkey is tiring but worth every single glorious minute in this weird and wonderful country.



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