When Hound Solo was home alone: Rescue dog in Nanyuki

I was not left completely alone!  What my parents mean is that they went away somewhere and didn’t take me with them, and LEFT me but I wasn’t completely alone in that I found myself in the company of Auntie Sam.  I was a bit upset when Mum and Dad went away and I was a little confused as to where they had gone but when Auntie Sam arrived, I was soooooo happy to see her and showed her my excitement by hugging her leg.  I think she liked my welcome!  Mum said it was very rude behaviour but that didn’t stop me!

Auntie Sam and me got on like a house on fire.  I tried to help with dinner one night by selecting Fajita’s, and I actually found the cardboard boxes very tasty.  IMG-20190330-WA0006I’m not entirely sure that Auntie Sam was pleased with me trying to help myself.  I also got my own bed out on occasion.  Most helpfully, I pulled it across the living room all by myself, and I even got out my blankets and spread them around too.  IMG-20190330-WA0005I found some evenings chilly, especially without Mum and Dad’s cuddles, so to try to achieve extra warmth and comfort, I pulled out the fluffy innards of my bed and spread that around with my blankets.  I’m not sure this helped though so I opted for the sofa and gave Auntie Sam the most awesome snuggles.  I think she likes me!

Surveying my work

Auntie Sam has taken me for some epic walks out of the house which I love.  We have been exploring the area and one day, we walked so far and I was so tired, that Auntie Sam’s friend scooped me up and carried me home.


I’m not sure this was an easy task given that I have had lots of biscuits recently.  I hope Mum and Dad will carry me because I liked this!

Mum and Dad said that I had not been on my best behaviour with Auntie Sam and when they got back from wherever they had been, they made me wear an outfit which is now called the Outfit of Shame.


I thought that I’d shown Auntie Sam a good time so I don’t know what the problem was but I was not keen on the outfit at all.  I looked like a lizard!  20190405_100315






Mum and Dad got me a shiny new ball though and some sweeties so all is good in the world.

Get me out of here!

20190223_220907Auntie Sam and me had such a good time, but I’m not sure she will come back again…. good job Mum and Dad are back!!

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