When Tag came to Stay

My new best friend came to sleep!  20190110_092535Tag, the Tibetan Terrier, came to stay for a couple of days while his Mum and Dad were away and we had such a good time.

I was so excited when he was coming that I made a new hole in the Mosquito net on Mum and Dad’s bed just in case Tag wanted to jump on the bed with me.  Mum and Dad were not pleased with this but I thought it was ace.

20190128_082025As it turned out, Tag preferred to sleep in his own bed.  I also liked to sleep in Tag’s bed which he didn’t seem to mind.  received_238028350477204



Tag did mind sharing his food but he wasn’t bothered about the bed so there were times when he had to make do with the carpet to lie down on.  Tag brought his teddy bear with him which I loved too!  When Tag wasn’t loving his bear, (and sometimes he loved that bear a LOT) I hugged it too and I let Tag chew my plastic chicken bone.  We like the same things!

Tag liked to bring things into the room when we were least expecting it.  He fetched Dad’s boxer shorts into the living room – I presume to give them to Mum to wash!  Most helpful! He also brought in a toilet brush – not really sure why but it was fun to watch Mum and Dad chasing after him to get it back.

We mooched around the garden together and I showed him my favourite spot by the big plant that Mum says looks like Rhubarb. 20190129_11444020190129_114517


We did lots and lots of running around the garden and through the house. We went out walking together and that was fun – we didn’t tangle our leads around Mum’s legs once!  20190130_085133Tag like me, likes to keep the house safe at all times and we spent many happy times monitoring the grounds of the house through the windows.  20190208_101545

Tag also likes to alert Mum and Dad to people coming through the garden up to the house and we barked and barked and barked together.  We like the same things!

I loved having Tag stay over and I miss making mischief with him…. I think Mum and Dad are grateful for the peace and quiet.  20190210_141919

I’m sexy and I know it

He is most definitely my BFF and I hope to see him and the bear again soon.  It was all very exciting though and I had to catch up on my beauty sleep when he went home.





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