Adventures of Hound Solo

It has been a little while since I provided an update as to my exploits but life here is so exciting.  I’m all settled in now and loving my home and I’ve continued to make as much mischief as I can, when I have the energy.  The weather is wonderful and there have been many lazy days spent sunbathing in the garden.  Mum thinks I have put on a little weight but that’s maybe because of her awesome cooking.  I recently managed to have an entire pie for breakfast when Mum had popped out.  It was steak and gravy – best day ever!  20181127_115035But then Mum came home and she made me sit in my bed all day.

Sorry not sorry!

Dad was cross too because he said the pie was meant to be for his dinner, not mine!  It was so worth it!

Mum and Dad frequently take me out into the African bush for some marvellous walking.  20180923_130015Its so very hot and there are not many tarmac roads so its all quite an adventure every time we go out… I like the bush although there are some spiky trees and bushes to be careful of. 20181117_120514 I’ve got a new best friend who Mum takes me walking with.  His name is Tag and we bumble along together.  He is a Tibetan Terrier and he is coming for a sleep over soon.  Mum said she didn’t want me to become anti-social so we see Tag for regular doggy dates.  20190110_085719There are some other dogs in the neighbourhood and we sometimes bump into them when we go out walking but they are not at all friendly.  They love their goats and sheep but growl at me just for looking!

Dad sometimes takes me to work with him which I love because there are so many people to fuss me.  I often get a sausage for breakfast.  img-20180823-wa0009There are also cats there and I love to chase them.  Its at Dad’s work where I actually found some mud too so I have a little roll in it, just to cool off and to make my mark in Dad’s shiny office.img-20181105-wa0001

The countryside here smells different and there are some strange looking creatures.  It is hot and dusty most of the time but that’s good because its always warm and my feet don’t get wet.  Mum and Dad took me out in the car to somewhere called Ol Pejeta Conservancy.  20190119_142540I did want to get out of the car to run and be wild and free but as we drove along, I saw some animals which were very strange. dsc02267

I was grateful to stay in the car and just look out of the window.   I was a bit nervous but I didn’t bark and managed to stay quiet which Mum and Dad said was a good thing.  20190119_102945Mum and Dad said I’d survived my first safari and whilst I’m not sure what that means, I do know they had great ice cream!20190119_131003




Loving Life!


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